an antifascist hacker conference

august 7-8, 2021 @ discord (click!)

ftp server: username ftp

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ftp://con is an online antifascist hacker conference organized in response to defcon's decision to have dhs secretary mayorkas give a keynote presentation at defcon 25.

we are entirely volunteer organized and very ad hoc, so if you'd like to help out, get in touch! our email is

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if you would like to give a presentation, lightning talk, or do a show and tell of some cool stuff you've been hacking on, email us at and put [cfp] in the subject line.

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saturday, august 7

6pm PDT till late

chelsea manning livestream, socializing, playstation head to heads (esp. wipeout), movies

sunday, august 8

talks last ~30min, then ~15min Q&A, then ~15min break before the next talk.

all day

crypto village, socializing, etc.

10am PDT

Internetification of Vulnerable Communities - Leveraging Internet Magic for Climate and Development
by Tim Reutemann

In the course of a climate & development project targeting solar electrification, we are about to bring first-time internet access to remote communities on the islands of Vanuatu. As the islands are largely closed to international travel and remain COVID-Free, internet is a key element for the stakeholder consultations, grievance mechanisms and project monitoring. In this session, I will briefly present the local setup and want to discuss the hard- & software setup to ensure digital souvereignity and avoid the creation of path dependencies on malicious actors like Facebook or Wechat.

11am PDT

Permacomputing Against Capital and Collapse
by capn_b

Capitalism pushes waste and abuse in the worlds of hardware and software. We can hack back, breaking the Hardware-Software Industrial Complex, preparing for climate collapse, and making the tech we love available to everyone.

1pm PDT

Data Behind Bars
by John Breen

Data about prisons and incarceration is scattered and inaccessible. Come hear John talk about building an open data set on prisons, jails, and detention facilities.

2pm PDT

Red is the new Blue: Does True Security exist?
by Catherine De Mesa

In today’s digitally dominant world, we constantly see data dumps and hackers all across the net. Is it possible to be fully secure? In this talk we will explore our options on being safe across the net.

3pm PDT

Why activists should consider amateur radio communications
by Greggawatt

As the last year has shown us, infrastructure of many types can fail and one of those being communication infrastructure. Cell phones and the internet can often be unavailable either due to disaster or government interference and activists need to be comfortable with backup communication infrastructure. This talk will cover the basics of amateur or ham radio, how and why you should get a license, what you can do with a license and how amateur radio communications is an essential tool in the activist toolbelt.

Greggawatt is a ham radio operator and really wants you to get on the air. when he's not propagating signals he's trying to grow more sweet potatoes.

4pm PDT

Unpublic Title
by Unpublic Participant

Unpublic description ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5pm PDT

cellsol - an emergency network for disaster resilience
by spiritplumber

6pm PDT

It's All Connected
by Cloudkicker

hacking seems to be ideologically connected to witchcraft, punk, hip hop. The same idea of “we help us” is even manifested in the game Destiny. The point isn’t to create this Christian juxtaposition of good against evil, but to point out an interesting connection, and to hopefully open eyes, dialogue, and doors.

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no fascism, no cops, no racism, no queerphobia, no sexism, no ableism, etc. be kind to one another, both in discord and outside, and if you can't do that, the organizers will probably kickban you.